Saint James School recognizes the value of extra-curricular sports and activities for the development of a healthy mind and body and strive to teach the values of teamwork, sportsmanship, Christian attitude and fair play to all students who join one of our athletic teams.

Saint James Athletic Association

The St. James Athletic Association is a group of up to eleven parents whose goal is to provide leadership in the sports program. This includes the selection of coaches, fund raising, budgeting, and direction of expenditure. Members of the Athletic Association are the Pastor (ex officio), the Principal, and up to eleven elected representatives. The current representatives are:
  • President: Carl Adamczyk
  • President: Jim Zank
  • Fr. McCormick
  • Tom Blais
  • Sandy Benes
  • Sandie Sweet
  • Jamie Scutella
  • Tom Sigler
  • Natalie Meyer
  • Breanna Miller
  • Patrick Babay
  • Athletic Director: Nancy Veshecco
  • School Board Representative: Adam Ladaika